Monday, August 2, 2010

A little Giveaway to Be won

Hiya everyone ;)

How are you all?

I thought i would run a little give away.

How To Win:
Do one of the 3 things or all of them below to win.

1) Add yourself as a follower of the blog.

2) tell others about the blog and get 1 or more people to join the blog and come onto
the blog and tell me who sent them.

3) guess everyone in our family's middle names.

what is my middle name? Melody _____ Rainbow
what is hubby's middle name? Adrian _______ Rainbow
What is Stephanie's middle name? Stephanie _____ Rainbow
What is Anya's middle name? Anya ______ Rainbow.

Email me at the following address with your answers.

Here is a picture of what you will win:

This giveway will end August 30th 2010

goodluck everyone ;)

tc from mel ;)


  1. I signed up as a follower tot he blog.

  2. welcome scrappin girl and chantal ;)

    its great to have you both here ;)

  3. hi everyone :)

    ok heres the first letters...

    My middle name starts with a J
    Stephanies middle name starts with a J and is the same as mine.

    Adrians middle name starts with a G

    Anyas middle name starts with a M

  4. Well I am a follower of sorts... I have you on my google page (RSS feed) as i cant get the google friend to work for me :(